Starting out back in 2010, Ravenna Woods stormed through the PNW as a rabid, hyperactive 3 piece with little more than an acoustic guitar, floor tom and xylophone to channel their tightly wound, nervous energy. Now, after 2 full-lengths, one EP, and a careful curation of new bandmates, they've found their most fully realized incarnation yet. 

With the core foundation of veteran members (Chris Cunningham, Matt Badger and Brantley Duke) joining forces with composer/multi-instrumentalist Nic Danielson, and bassist Reed LV, the band's approach and sound has shifted significantly. Seattle writer Tony Kay describes the transition:

"At first blush, this new track from one of Seattle’s best live bands sounds like a major about-face. It’s tautly electric instead of darkly acoustic. Matt Badger’s drums are more coiled-tense and compact than rumbling and relentless. And keyboards—tinkling like broken glass and buzzing like fluorescent tube lights in hell—provide much of the melodic enforcement in lieu of Chris Cunningham’s expected wash of fiercely-strummed acoustic guitar. But spiritually, “Alleyways” is pure Ravenna Woods."

In addition to the release of an EP/7-inch this past October, Ravenna is also putting the finishing touches on a brand new full-length, produced by Matt Bayles, due out in 2017.