MARCH 2019:



SEATTLE (Nectar) AND PORTLAND (Doug Fir) SHOWS coming up on 12/1 and 12/2 with The Builders and the Butchers & Cedar Teeth.

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6/13/2017: We're so fucking happy to announce that we have completed our third full length album. It's called Disappearing Someone, and was recorded/produced by Matt Bayles at Red Room over the course of the last 2 years. Keep checking back to see release plans and new content as we venture forward yet again into the ether.

We're playing the Neumos stage on Sunday night at Capitol Hill Block Party 2017!!! Us and Country Lips will be closing out the stage - come get sweaty with us.

Coming to Spokane to play the first ever Tinnabulation Music Festival in September with a bunch of awesome bands!!


We're getting ready to go back into the Red Room to finish up our full-length with Matt Bayles the first week of April. 

New shows and festival dates to announce soon!!!

Awesome pre & post show review by Three Imaginary Girls!

Photo cred: Brady Harvey
Photo Cred: Brady Harvey

Photo Cred: Brady Harvey


This is so, SO freaking cool. GoPro featured a brand new song of ours (appearing on our forthcoming full-length) in a new video. Watch here:

No Depression EP Review

"It’s intense, frantic and brooding all at once; seducing you to dance around in a blind fury."

ead the full review here:


You can order our vinyl now!!! Each 7-inch is uniquely colored. No-one copy looks exactly the same as another. There are also 10 different photo inserts distributed throughout the 500 press. Order yours from Rocket Heart Records today:

And if you don't fancy yourself much of a vinyl person - that's ok too! Feel free to just download yourself a copy of the EP for only $4 here:


The very first Ravenna Woods vinyl ever to exist in this weird world.


Seattle, Tacoma and Bellingham dates coming up, and two winter west coast tours being booked.




Jonathan Zwickel interviews us about our collaboration with Seattle Kokon Taiko for Timber! Music Fest:


No - we weren't both present in the same room, BUT, we technically were co-guests. Which soooooort of makes me friends with him, when you really think about it. The host of the podcast (Aaron Roden) knows that I'm a huge Carpenter fan, so after he secured an interview with the HORROR LEGEND, he was sweet enough to invite me onto the show to talk about my love of his work, amongst other things.

Listen here:


TIMBER! MUSIC FEST is just around the corner, and we are extremely excited to be working on a special collaborative, drum-centric performance with Seattle Kokon Taiko. Check out the video we put together that features rehearsal footage and a brief interview with performing senior member - Lika Siegel:

We finally have some announcements coming up in the next couple of weeks. Yes - that actually means new music, and videos, very soon. We're extremely excited to be setting everything in motion. Keep an eye out on our interwebberies in the coming July weeks for a That'll be the first step towards our new path of self-torture and ultimately, perhaps...annihilation. ;) 

Also played an AWESOME little Seattle Secret Show event at American Music in Fremont last week on 6/23rd. See below:

APRIL 2016

Ravenna has completed three  self-shot/edited music videos for our new record, and one of them (ANIMAL) will be premiered on the big screen at SIFF Uptown Cinema on April 15th, along with premieres from Shabazz Palaces and Radiation City!!

We’ve also started work on a festival appearance this summer at TIMBER! Music Festival, where we’ll be collaborating and performing live with a Japanese Taiko drum corp. We predict it to be pretty close to as epic as it sounds.

More info on the release timeline for our new record will be announced VERY SHORTLY, we promise. Thanks for checking in and being patient, you wonderfully awesome people. 


First off, let me say this: we have an 11 song album recorded, and mastered. It's the first time since we've been a 3 piece (Matt, Brantley and myself) that we have a lineup we know is going to be permanent. Till death do us part. Well, maybe not that permanent, but pretty damn close. Anyways - RavWoo is officially a 5 piece now with the addition of Nic Danielson (keyboards/synths/samples) and Reed LV (bass).

This last year with the new lineup has seen us experimenting with new sounds, engaging in score work, traveling and demoing ideas in foreign countries, and writing like mad. This all lead to marching into Red Room studios with producer Matt Bayles to record our 3rd full-length record. 

The result is a collection of songs that we all feel is Ravenna's most representative and exciting work to date. We'll be announcing a release date and title shortly. In the meantime, keep a look out for single releases, music videos, and concert announcements that will be coming around the bend in no time. We love you all.

<3 RavWoo <3

APRIL 2015

On May 16th we'll be playing the MainStage at Fisherman's Village Festival in Everett for the first time!!! Very excited to be part of the event. and on May 26th, we'll be performing on the Fountain Lawn Stage at Folklife Festival. Steadily writing new material and starting to look around at studios to record our next effort... Looks like it's gonna be a bit of a departure from our previous records.

Very excited :D !!!!


Ravenna Woods is whole again! Brantley Duke has returned from Europe (an engaged man, no less!). We are starting to write new material and will keep you informed as it progresses... Until then, we've got a few select shows coming up, including a Saturday night at Neumos (Jan. 18th), a live modern dance performance choreographed to The Jackals, and a local TV performance in February... Details will be announced shortly. Hope you're all doing awesome!


Well, we've been bad bad bad RavWoo boys and failed to keep this thing updated over the passed 6 months... But that's all gonna change. We're gonna keep you sooooooo informed from here on out - just you wait and see. You'll know exactly how many times a week Matt showers, what time Chris wakes up on Sundays and what Brantley and Nic do on their ever increasingly frequent "date nights."

A few quick things to note: Sam Miller left to explore the world, and was purportedly eaten by a pack of wild dogs in Southern Italy. Nic Danielson has become a much welcomed and celebrated full-timer, lending his expertise of all things keys and percussion. Brantley went to go play shows in London and visit his awesome girlfriend, leaving Chris' brother - Patrick to fill in. (He's been AMAZING, and if you didn't catch us with him at Noise for the Needy, then DEFINITELY make it out to Neumos on October 28th). And finally, our dear old friend Andrew Hartley has been joining us on stage playing bass. Many of you might know him from the quintessential late '90s - early 2000's Seattle indie rock band WAXWING. If you are unawares, do yourself a favor and look them up. 

We've got some really cool local shows/events coming up, and Chris (see also; me/I) just started writing new Ravenna songs that we are hoping to crank out into an EP as soon as possible. 

If you're reading this, the chances are very high that we love you.

Be well and stay tuned,


February 2014

New dates posted up in the LIVE SHOWS section; including our first Tractor show in a very, very long time with our awesome pals MODERN KIN from Portland.

We aren't hoofing it all the way to Austin for SXSW this year, but we are heading over to Idaho for Treefort fest in March! It's our first time ever playing in Boise, and we've heard really great things about the festival. 

In other news, we recently performed live on the Bob Rivers Show (KJR 95.7 FM), and did a really cool interview/performance taping on KUOW 94.9 with Steve Scher (has yet to air).

We're also getting ready to start shooting a new music vid later this week (sooooo excited!), have a KEXP in-studio coming up in a couple months and some west coast tour dates that we're getting situated...So make sure to stay tuned! 

Hope to you see you (yes YOU) soon.

December 2013

THE JACKALS IS OUT NOW!!! We had an amazing release show at Neumos with Vox Mod and Campfire Ok. There was an abundance of really excited friends and fans that culminated into crowd surfing, which is spectacular. I really regret not having attempted to stage dive. Perhaps at our next show on the 28th w/ REIGNWOLF at the Neptune... We're cooking up touring plans now, and other fun potential local dates in addition to some video projects... Our next music video will in theory, be our weirdest and best to date. Check out other work by the the director - Ryan Renteria (he's shot all the music videos for the San Diego band - The Drowning Men). If you're reading this, chances are we care about you very much and hope to see you soon. If you haven't already, you can pick up the album here:

or here:

or order a physical copy here:




 All of our hard work is finally starting to pay off. The Kickstarter was successful, our album/merch is in production, waves of PR mailings are going out, secured a few killer premieres and are now rehearsing for our release show at Neumos on 11/16. We're bringing a lot of new stuff to the table performance-wise, including several guest musicians who we're ecstatic to be working with. Can't wait for the show. Can't wait for the record to be available. Can't. Wait. To perform for you awesome people again.


June 2013

We've been away from the internet helm for a short while, but fret not - we hath returneth. Returnethed. Chris had an inspiring experience in Africa, and has come home safely (packed tightly with weird snippets of inspiration). He also came back with loads of video (!to be used in an upcoming music vid!) and a brand new Ravenna song written out in the wilds of the Maasai Mara... It's quickly becoming a band favorite as we all add our respective parts. Izz called "NightRunners." AS FOR THE JACKALS.... We are about to implement a plan that will result in it's imminent release. News regarding that will be coming in the next month (effing finally)!                                                     WUV WOO ALL <3 RAV WOO BOYZ

APRIL 2013

This is a very, very important month for us. After much mixing, mastering, and finally the recent subtraction/addition of songs... The final version of 'The Jackals' has been completed. THE ALBUM IS FUCKING FINISHED, Apologies for the expletive people, but a) it's been a year long project b) this is our website and we can swear if we want to AND c) you're probably not even really real.

In other pretty damn exciting news, we already have 2 finished music videos for 'Jackals' songs, and a third one in the mix. Now if only we had a clear idea of how the hell we're going to release this thing...




MARCH 13th: We are playing a stripped down, intimate set at 5:30pm @ In.Gredients! 2610 Manor Road. Facebook event:

MARCH 14th: Rethink Pop Music & Ninkasi's FREE sxsw showcase @ Fado's!! (214 West 4th Street) We're on at 5:15pm. Facebook event: 

MARCH 16th: Pop Press International Showcase @ The New Movement (616 Lavaca St. Austin, TX 78701) We're on at 3pm. Facebook event:

MARCH 16th: Apes on Tapes present Cascadia: The Greater Pacific Northwest Official Showcase @ TenOak. (409 Colorado Street) We're on at 8pm. Facebook event:






We're excited to announce that we'll be traveling to Austin in March to perform at our first official SXSW Showcase!!! We'll post details about the showcase and other day parties as they unfold. The Rav Woo boys are about to be back where they belong... Out on the open road!! Woooooo!

2013 is the year of the JACKAL!

Happy New Year everyone!!! We are especially excited about 2013, since this will be year that we get to release our 2nd fulll-length album - The Jackals. Basically this means that we can stop hiding in dark rooms and do what we love most, which is hunting people. Or, sorry! I meant performing for you, of course. Stay tuned for updates; there'll be a lot coming soon!


THE JACKALS IS SCHEDULED TO BE MASTERED THE FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY AT RFI STUDIOS!!! It's been a long journey, but we're finally at the end. Can't wait to show it to all of you lovely, lovely people. Also -stay tuned for a strange new music video from the twisted mind of director Blaine Ludy!!

THE JACKALS IS SCHEDULED TO BE MASTERED THE FIRST WEEK OF JANUARY AT RFI STUDIOS!!! It's been a long journey, but we're finally at the end. Can't wait to show it to all of you lovely, lovely people. Also -stay tuned for a strange new music video from the twisted mind of director Blaine Ludy!!


Thank you soooooooo much to all the amazing people who came out and supported our City Arts showcases. It was an amazing weekend. Also a HUGE thanks to all of the blogs who gave us write-ups. We were blushing for a week.

We've got a couple fun, more intimate shows on the horizon that we wanna get the word out about:

NOVEMBER 16th: We are playing at the Bellevue Arts Museum for their BAMIgnite event (starts at 8pm). They will be showcasing new exhibits, there will be drinks, food, DJs....and us!!!! Come andcelebrate the arts with us!!

DECEMBER 1st: We're headlining a KEXP AUDIOASIS Benefit show at the Sunset in Ballard!! We love playing smaller rooms like this and haven't had a chance to in the last year or so... Gonna be a freakin' blast. Also, kick-ass Seattle bands 'Ships' and 'Kithkin' are playing!!!

Starts at 9pm; buy tickets here:

P.S. Our new album - The Jackals is nearing completion!!! WOOOOOOOOOO!

October 2012.

We have been hard at work on our second full-length album - The Jackals… Tracking will be finished this month and we are brimming with excitement to show you what we consider to be our best musical effort to date. If you’re planning on attending our City Arts Fest showcase on October 19th at the Crocodile, buy tickets online and receive a download link for a sneak preview of a few songs off of our upcoming release here:

We’ve been cooped up in the studio for too damn long and we’re ready to come out and play…

See you soon,
Ravenna Woods